• wideslider_image_252 Welcome to Cathy Newbery Ltd.
    Public Art Curator & Consultant
  • wideslider_image_241 Way of Roses
    consist of public artworks marking traditional movements of people, historical events or phenomena which coincide with this 170 mile long distance route
  • wideslider_image_100 Panopticons
    Singing Ringing Tree by Tonkin Liu has received the National Award for architectural excellence 2007
  • wideslider_image_347 Workington Town Centre Public Realm
    A series of new urban spaces and public art as part of the redevelopment of Workington town centre
  • wideslider_image_219 Different Languages Same Places
    By Maurizio Nannucci, Bury Art Gallery
  • wideslider_image_44 Irwell Sculpture Trail
    Devised and delivered over 28 permanent public art projects in partnership with four local authorities
  • wideslider_image_343 As If I were A River
    Touring Exhibition of commissioned photographs and new media piece based on the Irwell
  • wideslider_image_46 Walkden Gardens
    Curating and managing a series of interventions including Artist in residency for 12 months creating temporary artworks in the gardens
  • wideslider_image_644 Britain from Above
    Bridge created at Bec FabLab by Tan by Two, using images from the Solway Nature Explorers Summer School Campfield Marsh, Solway 2015