About Cathy Newbery Limited

Cathy Newbery Limited was founded in 2007 to expand the work of the director Cathy Newbery.

Cathy has a proven track record in the delivery of high quality public art, including extensive knowledge and practical experience of public art commissioning, project delivery, strategic work and public sector partnership. With over ten years experience of working on a variety of public art schemes, predominately in the North West, we work in a collaborative way with artists, architects and other design professionals and has successfully advocated for the inclusion of artists in design teams and the strategic role of culture as part of the regeneration agenda.

Each scheme approach is based on detailed research into the place and its users. Our aim is to establish how the place works, understand its dynamics and determine how these affect residents and visitors and then propose ways in which art and artists can bring benefits.

Cathy Newbery, the Director is a Board member of ixia the think tank, the national agency for the development and promotion of public art practice. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.



  • Curating artist shortlists
  • Public Art Strategies and Policy Papers
  • Feasibility and Project Planning
  • Setting up Art and Design collaborations
  • Arts in building projects for education, engineering, public transport and public realm
  • Advocacy Services to Board Members, Chief Officers and Elected Members
  • Public Consultation, Workshops and Seminars
  • Setting up Design Teams including selection procedures and contracts
  • Project Management
  • Marketing and Public Liaison Programmes
  • Education and Community involvement and participation strategies
  • Conferences, seminars and lectures
  • Training for artists and design professionals
  • Animation Programmes and project sustainability
  • Document writing, brochures and promotional literature
  • Project evaluation
  • Funding strategies
  • Funding bids



  • Curator for public realm
  • Setting up and running complex art and architecture programmes
  • Developing mechanisms to involve local people in the creative processes of public art
  • Piloting artists on design teams
  • Developing funding bids for Public and private funding, Sponsorship and Trusts
  • Building support through advocacy among elected members and officers 
as well as business and community forums
  • Developing collaborations between artists and other design disciplines
  • Working successfully in partnership with a range of public and private sector organisations


Public Art Development

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