Cow-munity, Manchester

For CowParade Manchester in 2004 the Council wanted to involve as many residents as possible. To achieve this, a scheme was pioneered which had never previously been attempted in host cities: cow-munity. Professional artist working with local groups of all ages from across the city, showcased their creativity by developing their own cow for their neighbourhood. The result gave CowParade Manchester an extra dimension, creating an inclusive festival that knitted the entire city together.

The scheme also brought public and private sector partners together.

Funded by: Manchester City Council, Neighbourhood Renewal, Arts & Business, Arts Council England, greater Manchester passenger transport executive

14 community cows exhibited for 3 months
Exhibition of photographs displayed in the light boxes at Piccadillly Station

Feed Me Knowledge Not Grass

Artist: Spearfish Nathan Sassen & Sumi Sarkar with young people of Beswick Youth Education Project

A graffiti cow caught in two minds. “One side is about learning, the other is about going out, about leisure time,” The young people who helped out on this cow have difficulties with school attendance. It took time to win them over. This cow gives an alternative view to the stereotypical one, that presents young people as forever causing trouble.

The cow was auctioned and fetched £3,000 for charity, which for the young people was a real confidence boast, that they had made something that was worth that much money!

Project Information

Client: Manchester City Council

Location: Manchester

Date: 2004