The Fellowship of Wind and Hill and Sunshine

To mark the breathtaking vision and generosity of the gift to the nation of 14 mountains summits as a war memorial after the Great War, the National Trust commissioned an arts project as part of the Trust New Art programme funded by Arts Council England.

Informed by the mountaineering principle of ‘leave no trace’ we worked with Mouthful –  leading professional musicians from the North of England – and amateur singers drawn from community choirs in Cumbria, Yorkshire, the North East and as far away as Somerset.

The ‘Fellowship Choir’ learned, performed and recorded the suite of songs on many of the summits around Great Gable dedicated as memorials after the end of the war. They walked 25 miles, climbed over 3,000m of ascent and performed live on 10 of the summits, supported by an incredibly generous and wonderful team of mountain leaders.

Project Information

Client: National Trust

Location: Cumbria

Date: 2019