Way of the Roses

‘Way of the Roses’ is a Sustrans long distance coast to coast cycle route across some of the most beautiful landscape in the UK between Morecambe on the west coast and Bridlington on the east coast.

Traveling Histories is a public art programme developed by curator Cathy Newbery and lead artist Matt Baker as a moving history to accompany the traveller along the way. It will consist of public artworks marking traditional movements of people, historical events or phenomena which coincide with this 170 mile long distance route.

Matt Baker, a nationally renowned artist working in public spaces, has been commissioned to develop the series of linked artworks and develop two of his own ‘Terminus works’ at Morecambe and Bridlington.

The ‘Passing Places’ along the route in High Bentham and Pateley Bridge are now in place with design development underway in Stamford Bridge and Driffield. Each Passing Place might be a short diversion from the main route. The intention is to foster connections between the local communities, the route and people travelling the route to address the question ‘….if I met a stranger what would I tell them about where I live?’

Each Passing Place is being developed with a local steering group who have appointed an animateur – someone who goes out into the community to encourage involvement, develop programs, and respond to community needs – in other words, someone who will make our community hum with energy and facilitate the artistic process. Together the animateur and steering group will select an artist to undertake local research, engage the community, arrange participatory workshops and events and develop ideas in response to their vision for their town.

Matt has developed designs for two permanent public art works at the two ends of the route and carried out community consultation. The next stage is applying for planning permission and fundraising.

The Way of the Roses long distance route opened autumn 2010 with over 21,000 journeys every year.

Latest news – Two Passing Places launched

Marjan Wouda has completed The Queens Bloomers working fantastically with Pioneer Project in High Bentham, the work was unveiled as part of the Yorkshire Festival and the Bentham CARnival in May 2014. Temporary work lined the route and local people cycled the new Bentham loop dressed as fish.

Joseph Hayton has completed Pillars Past, three figures in carved in stone representing the past heritage, Joe is a young artist and this is his first major commission supported through the process by nidderdale visual arts in Pateley Bridge. The local business community donated materials, time, land and labour to realise this work.

Christopher Wormald has created designs for an abstract work by the river in Stamford Bridge.

Joseph Hillier has been appointed as lead artist in Driffield.


Project Information

Client: Sustrans

Location: North of England

Date: 2014

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