Reflections – Covid community responses

Cheshire West & Chester (CW&C)

Artists are invited to research and develop new work that explores different perspectives and community responses to Covid-19 in the Borough. 

To engage creatively with a broad range of communities through local networks, for example Food Hub networks. The artist will articulate responses that encourage social interaction and opportunities to enable deeper community engagement and creativity. Allowing local voices to influence the process. 

Project Focus Societal Shift : Food Hubs and new distribution networks were set up to maximise services and deliver to as many people in need as quickly as possible. These services were essential for people during Covid-19  and showed how the pandemic created a societal shift to ramp up supply networks. This continues to be important to reach people whose need is greatest.

The commissioned artist will work with these networks to reach many individuals and families to develop a meaningful contribution that brings participants together in a collective action.  

Budget £30,000 + VAT including fees and materials 

Timescale: Summer 2022-Spring 2023

Deadline Monday 11th July 

Contact: For a full brief contact:

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